Planting Garlic

When you select garlic to replant, remember this rhyme:

EAT the worst, PLANT the best, SELL the rest.

Garlic is planted in mid-autumn.  The first step in getting your field ready is to plow. Choose a location that is sunny with rich, well-drained soil.

Pick rocks (this is a never ending job).

Next rototill to loosen the soil for planting.

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Step 3, till the ground

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At this point, we normally spread manure and till it once more.

After you have picked your garlic for the year, save the best garlic bulbs for replanting. You can also order seed garlic online, or buy it at the farmers market. I would highly discourage planting garlic from the supermarket. Many times this is Chinese garlic and is diseased. Please just don’t.

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Save the best bulbs for replanting.

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We grow a couple different varieties here. If you are selling, it is good to know the variety you have. Customers will ask. We grow Carpathian, Music, And a variety we call Pixley special (because we don’t know the variety but it is excellent garlic my FIL has been growing for years).

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Carpathian, Music and Pixley special

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The next step, is to put row markers and a line between the two, this helps me keep my rows straight when I plant, and helps me mark the rows until the garlic begins to grow.

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Mark your rows.

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I experimented with plastic, but found it too time consuming. Plus, I was afraid the wind at this time of year would just blow the plastic around enough that the holes would be shifted and the garlic would not grow.

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Plastic mulch

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It’s best to break the garlic bulbs apart the night before planting them. This way you can select the best ones to plant.

Plant the garlic clove with the pointed end towards the sky, root side (or blunt side) down.

Plant the cloves below the ground and cover with approximately 2 inches of dirt. Plant the cloves in the ground about a hand width apart. Space rows about a foot apart. If you live in an extremely cold climate, you should put a nice layer of mulch on top of your garlic. About 6 inches of it.

Continue planting until all garlic is planted.

Your job is done. For now. Garlic stays in the ground all winter and starts to grow in late autumn, or early spring. It is usually harvested late in summer. I’ll write up another post on spring care, and harvesting soon (probably in the spring/summer).

Below are the tools I used. If you are in need of any of them, please click on the pictures below to make your purchase on Amazon. I get a little thank you commission from Amazon when you buy using my links, and it really helps a girl out.

Tools I used

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